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Danny - We're Proud of You!

 Fairway Outreach is proud to announce that Danny Priester, a Fairway Outreach member during his teenage years, graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, on June 6, 2008.  Danny reports to Fort Benning, GA, on August 1, as a Second Lieutenant and plans to serve long and honorably in the United States Army.

 When asked about West Point, Danny commented, “It was an incredible experience and a great chance to mature and get my priorities in order for the rest of my life. The academics were very challenging and there was never any letup. I couldn’t skip a night studying, because you could get pretty far behind in a hurry.”


 “I made a lot of lifelong friends and we learned to support each other to make it through the program. There’s no way to succeed at West Point without working together with your classmates as a team. Our class motto was, ‘cooperate and graduate,’ and I’m going to carry this same attitude with me throughout my military career.”


 “I played on the golf team the first two years and then made the decision to join the boxing team my junior year. I won three out of four matches and then decided to give my full attention to academics and preparing for graduation my senior year. Graduation was one of the greatest days of my life, especially being able to share the experience with my family and my classmates.”


 Danny joined Fairway Outreach in the 7th grade and participated all the way through high school.  “I consider myself a lifelong member of Fairway Outreach and the lessons I learned in the program played a big role in preparing me for West Point. I made some great friends during those years and Montrele Wells is still my closest golfing buddy.  I’m proud Montrele went on from Fairway Outreach to play college golf and get his degree.”